Kamis, 25 Juni 2009

seng i seng

►Perfect: no
►Tall: hmm 172 cm
►In your pajamas: yes
►Left handed: no
LAST (give 2 answers)
►Friend you saw: laras, danti
►Talked to on the phone: mama, karina
►Person to text you: karina
►Is today better than yesterday?: datar-datar aja
FAVORITE (give 2 answers)

►Number: 24, 6
►Color: black, purple
►Food: tiramissu, gulai ayam
►Place: home, villa cimande
Q: What was the first thing you did
this morning when you got up?
► brush my teeth
Q: Do you have anything bothering you
► hmm
Q: What's the last movie you watched
in theaters?
► star trek
Q: Where is the last place you went?
► dufan
Q. Do you smile a lot?
► ga juga, senyum-senyum nnt kaya gila
Q: Do you wish upon stars?
► haha neh
Q: Are you a friendly person?
► gatau, menurut orang lain gimana
Q: Where did you sleep last night?
► my sister's bed
Q: Why did you sleep there?
► takut tidur sendiri
Q: When was the last time you cried?
► lupa, tapi penyebabnya stupid bgt
Q: What was your last thought before going to bed?
► "oiya , isya dulu"
Q: Rate life as of right now, one
being bad, ten being great?
► hmm being bad?
Q: What do you hear right now?
► my sister's voice
Q: Does anything hurt you right now?
► huhu yees
Q: What's your favorite month?
► juni laaah trs juli = liburan
Are you missing someone right now?
► yesyesyes
Are you single?
► yes
Are you tired?
► yees, hoahm
Are your parents still married?
► iya, alhamdulilah deh
► Real name? Rifa Khamila Daulay
► Nick Name: Rifa
► Age? 14 years old
► Eye color? black
► Male or female? Female
► Single? yes
► crushing? yes
► Smart? no
► Hair color? black
► Sweats or Jeans? jeans
► Phone or Camera? both heheh
► Health freak? no
► Righty or lefty? righty
► SMOKE or Drink? neither
►First best friend? annisa maudi (modi)
►First award? masukin bola ke keranjang wkwk
►First enemy? idk
►First pet? pigeon
►First vacation? pulang kampung ke padang
► Eating? tiramissu
► Drinking? aqua
► Listening to? be ok - ingrid michaelson
► Plans for tommorow? nothing
►Waiting for? -
►Lips or eyes? eyes
►Shorter or taller? tallerlaah hehe
►Romantic or spontaneous? both
►Sensitive or loud? loud
►Hook-up or in a relationship? in a relationship
►Drank hard drinks? never
►Lost glasses/contacts? No
►Ran away from home? mau sih tapi ga jadi
►Broken someone's heart? hmm yes
►Been arrested? no
►Do you like someone? yes
►Are you seriously happy with
where you are in life? for now?no, seriously

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